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The Grout Doctor®

Opportunity for Veterans: 50% Franchise fee discount for honorably discharged veterans! Low-cost franchise opportunity with the largest, most experienced grout and tile restoration company. Control your financial future.

The Grout Doctor®

The Grout Doctor®



The most Experienced Franchise in the Industry.

The Grout Doctor® has been making house calls since 1992.  We are the nation’s largest and most experienced grout and tile restoration specialist.  We are the industry leaders with the most recognized brand.  We are consistently ranked high by industry publications as being the best, low cost franchise in the business. Over the years, we have perfected our business model and our service lines, which makes our franchises the most profitable.  What else makes us the best investment choice?

Grout is EVERYWHERE.  Grout is a delicate material and is susceptible to age, overuse, wear and tear, and will need cleaning, repair, and/or replacement at some point, which is what we do!

We offer our customers’ instant gratification since our process can transform the areas needing service often in less than a day at a fraction of the cost to completely remodel.

We are a flexible, home-based, family-friendly business.

Our entry costs and royalty fees are very low – the lowest in our industry.

Our franchisees buy into a proven business model, which offers several profitable revenue streams – Visit our Services & Products page

Our start up package, franchise benefits and support team give you all the tools you need to succeed.

You will receive unmatched support and training.  The Grout Doctor® offers 24/7 support and an expansive and thorough training program.  We take pride in providing the most comprehensive franchise support system in the industry.

We offer special pricing for military veterans purchasing franchises.

We are just a fun group of people to work with.



Services We Offer:


The Grout Doctor® is in the business of grout and all that surrounds it. Grout will enter your life at some point each day because it is EVERYWHERE. This is why grout can be a very lucrative business to be in. We offer our customers an alternative to replacing or re-tiling entire areas where grout is damaged, dirty, or moldy which can cost time and money. We encourage our customers to “renew & restore” and then we make it happen with proven restoration processes. Each service is a separate revenue stream, which widens the opportunity to make a higher return on your investment. Additionally, our franchise packages include extensive hands on training program so you will be prepared from day one.


Grout & Tile Cleaning

Grout Repair & Regrouting

Grout Recoloring or Staining

Grout Sealing


Natural Stone Cleaning & Sealing and Natural Stone Restoration & Polishing



The Grout Doctor® uses professional-grade cleaners and sealers when performing services.

We teamed up with one of the nation's largest cleaning supply companies to develop a line of cleaners and sealers that meet the specific needs of our industry. Our Grout Doctor products are environmentally safe. We receive a significant discount from our manufacturer and pass those savings on to our franchisees.


Earn commissions on every consumer product sold.

For years, our customers have been asking what they should use to maintain their tile, grout, and stone surfaces. We again teamed up with our cleaning supply company to develop a Grout Doctor consumer product line. When Grout Doctor consumer products are used in conjunction with our professional services, they will aid in maintaining tile, stone, and grout in between service visits. Grout Doctors receive a commission on every consumer product sold.





Flexible, Home-Based, Family-Friendly Business



Proprietary Franchise management software

Proprietary Grout Doctor Professional and Consumer products

Personalized marketing plan and unlimited toll-free support

Professional landing page for your area for personal promotion

Local phone number and directory assistance listing

Call/data processing center

Print center for your promotional and printing needs



On-going training and support

Optional related services training and support




Unlimited toll-free direct tech support

Training and marketing manuals



Low Initial Investment in Franchise fees

25% Franchise fee discount for the first Franchise in a state

50% Franchise fee discount for honorably discharged veterans

$1500 comprehensive start-up package included in Franchise fees

Up to $1000 vehicle wrap allowance included in Franchise fees

10% grand opening advertising allowance included in Franchise fees

40 hours of hands-on training included in Franchise fees

Zero royalties for the first month of operations

50% royalty discount for months two and three

Declining royalties



Grout Doctor apparel for both work and casual wear

Vehicle graphics

The Grout Doctor®

The Grout Doctor®

Opportunity for Veterans:50% Franchise fee discount for honorably discharged veterans! Low-cost franchise opportunity with the largest, most experienced grout and tile restoration company. Control your financial future.

The Grout Doctor®

The Grout Doctor®


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