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Opportunity for Veterans: Nation's Premier Air Duct Cleaning & HVAC Restoration Company, Listed in INC. and Entrepreneur's 500 Franchise lists, Listed as Best Service Franchise and Best Home-Based Franchise.



Your Commercial and Residential Indoor Air Quality Professionals

DUCTZ is an indoor air restoration company - Improving the air we breathe is the main focus of our business.  Air Duct Cleaning and HVAC Restoration is our core business.

Fire prevention is also a driving force - Dryer Vent Cleaning an ancillary service with added value that requires annual attention.

DUCTZ is a Green Business – Cleaning air ducts improves indoor air quality and energy efficiency.  

We continue to train and support our owners to keep them current and profitable.


                  Technical Training                                                             Business Support 

- Specialized Start up Training - Business & Technical     - Proven Business Model – Easy to Follow

- Technical Field Support & Advanced Training                 - Commercial & Residential Business

- DUCTZ Proprietary Certification Training                        - Protected Territory

- NST – Specialized Field Training                                        - National Accounts – Pushdown Work

- Annual Convention – Continued Training                        - Cold Calling Appointment Center

- On-Going Training for Owners and Tech                          - Proprietary Commercial Bid Software


Evolution of a Company



Recession Resistant Industry 

Restoration Work! – DUCTZ owners are trained and ready to move whenever a home or business is affected by Fire / Water & Mold damage.  DUCTZ owners work closely with restoration contractors and insurance agencies.  Cutting costs by restoring a system rather than replacing it is a sound business choice.  Natural Disasters are not prejudice; they strike unexpectedly in good times and bad.  DUCTZ owners benefit from push-down jobs from our Largest National Account BELFOR!  Also gain national coverage and support through our National Service Team!  

In July of 2012 NST mobilized onsite at Colorado Springs air force academy, in response to recent wild fires.  In total 635 houses were affected by fire related residue. Some houses contained more than one air handler. A crew of 30 worked for a month restoring HVAC systems; averaging 20 houses restored per day.


Why Veterans Like You Make Successful DUCTZ Owners

The measure of success for our DUCTZ owners is this, heart-power.  They have the passion and the heart to serve and care for their customers with integrity.   Their customers love doing business with them, because our successful owners service them well, and let them know their business is appreciated.

Successful DUCTZ are:

  • Technical-minded individuals with excellent people skills.
  • People who are positive and excited to grow a big business!
  • Those with a disciplined, passionate, persistence to stick with it and succeed.
  • Problem solvers who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.
  • They have an ingrained trait to follow systems.
  • Folks who are confident and has a passion for serving others.

Tim Mosley is one of many DUCTZ owners with heart; here is his story:

Tim was in the Marine Corp for ten years; he was a pilot and an officer.  Knowing that it wasn’t going to be a career, Tim left the Corp to fulfill a lifelong dream to own a business of his own.  In 2008 Tim settled on DUCTZ.  Tim liked working with his hands so DUCTZ was a good fit; also with aging “Baby Boomers” and an increasing concern with asthma and allergies, Tim felt duct cleaning was going to be a big business someday.   Here’s what Tim had to say about the early years…

“Started with myself and a 10 ft. box truck; very quickly hired a part-time employee.  Within 5 months I had two full-time employees, which allowed me to get out and do some business; work on development rather than doing the work.  These days I spend most of my time Strateg-a-sizing… if that's a word!”



Opportunity for Veterans:Nation's Premier Air Duct Cleaning & HVAC Restoration Company, Listed in INC. and Entrepreneur's 500 Franchise lists, Listed as Best Service Franchise and Best Home-Based Franchise.




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