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Opportunity for Veterans: AlphaGraphics has been a leader in print and visual communications for more than 43 years. We set the standard for solutions in printing, marketing communications and document creation and management.



AlphaGraphics has been around since 1970 and is the industry leader in providing marketing solutions to small and medium size businesses in the local community.  Our goal is to be the “one-stop” solution to our clients providing conceptual ideas and campaigns to help our clients grow their revenues through a wide variety of revenue streams that encompass technology, print, and message distribution. 

Our owners have a distinct unique selling proposition and approach to clients vs. our competition by providing more “value adds” to the relationship.  This is accomplished by accessing all the needs of the company and providing a strategic marketing plan that provides on the backend hard ROI data to the client.  Using both personalization and technology, AlphaGraphics owners can evolve into being the “outside marketing department” for many of their clients. 

With the growth of the internet, AlphaGraphics has embraced means to assist our clients by coordinating all the marketing messaging through website construction, social media management, building mobile marketing sites, client personalized URL’s, QR codes, targeted direct mail marketing campaigns, and much more. 

Features of the Business

  • Given the fact that ALL businesses need to market themselves to continue to grow, the need in the marketplace for our services and products are endless.
  • AlphaGraphics is a clean, professional B2B model that allows our owners to engage with other business professionals utilizing their acquired skills from previous corporate careers or other small business ownership.
  • Owners enjoy an M-F, 8am-5pm work week providing flexibility and work/life balance.
  • Because the majority of an owner’s clients are local, the owner has the opportunity to put down “local roots” and be highly participative in the local community.
  • Most businesses market even more aggressively during downward economic trends to maintain market share therefore we are very recession proof.
  • Independent competitors in the marketplace utilize out of date client approaches, technology, and equipment therefore allowing branded players like AlphaGraphics to continue to gain market share.
  • Because we sell based on relationships, and with our value add approach, we stay away from the product to product pricing wars and maintain 70%+ margins.
  • Every service/product is customized to the client’s needs therefore there is an extreme variety of campaigns and projects that make the work diverse, challenging and enjoyable.
  • Companies have the need to market on a year around basis so therefore little to no seasonality.
  • The need for our services and products are across ALL industry types therefore we don’t get affected by a downturn in any one industry (i.e. real estate). 

Overview of Services

AlphaGraphics is a business-to-business print and marketing solutions franchise offering print, digital and visual communication solutions to assist small and medium size businesses to market their products, services or brand their name.  Some of the services AlphaGraphics franchisees can offer are:

  • Conceptual Marketing Solutions
  • Brand imaging
  • Graphic Design
  • Print – Digital, Offset & Wide Format
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Book Publishing
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Development
  • E-Mail Marketing Campaigns
  • Personalized URL (PURLs)
  • QR Codes
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • And more!

Role of the Owner/Daily Tasks

The AlphaGraphics model requires the full time engagement of the owner or the owner may employ a full time Operations Manager that has completed all the Owner Training. The role of the AlphaGraphics owner is to be the “face” of the business.  In other words, be willing to establish high levels of engagement with clients and key decision makers in the local business community.  Also be willing to network via service, business, and charitable organizations to effective network with other business owners and professionals.  The owner must also set the strategic direction of the business and “work on the business and not in the business”.  Owners must also serve in the role of Sales Manager and direct the efforts and processes of their hired outside salespeople.  Most Owners manage an initial staff of three that can ultimately grow to 20+. 

Owners typically also are involved in keeping abreast of marketing trends, new technologies, equipment, and production processes by engaging in continual further education both with the Franchisor and industry associations. 

Ideal Candidate

Business Experience
Typically the successful owner will processes strong previous business experience whether in the corporate world, or in another small business. Skill sets in managing a sales process, marketing, finance, technology, and/or production are all skill sets that lend themselves favorably to our concept.   

Business Leader
These individuals are outgoing in their communities, get involved in community activities, and aren’t afraid to volunteer for worthy causes. Leadership qualities are strong indicators of persons willing to accept responsibilities to make things happen. Trust is the number one reason our clients choose marketing and communications provider therefore the individual must demonstrate honesty and integrity.

This attribute has to do with becoming a “problem-solver” for others. The ability to assess a situation and offer various alternative solutions is a key to success. These solutions must have the customer’s best interest at heart and be able to show a client how they can increase their ROI. 

Follow a System
Owning a franchise is like having a virtual business partner working in the business with you. The systems and processes that have been developed and improved over time should be followed in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. 

Understands the Sales Process
Sales are what business is all about, especially in a B2B model.  Without ongoing sustainable sales, there will be no business. The Owner must be responsible for either generating sales, or at the minimum must manage the sales process using outside salespeople. This quality is absolutely essential for success in the AlphaGraphics model.

Our Advantage

In business since 1970, AlphaGraphics has always been and remains the leader in the industry, showing continual growth despite the recent recession. 

  • Continuous training and support—no print or industry-specific experience required
  • Site selection and lease negotiation assistance
  • Assistance with funding through our team Funding Coordinator
  • Assistance with interior layout and design
  • Budgeting, accounting and financial analysis programs
  • Buying power via global contracts with major suppliers
  • Complete advertising, marketing, and public relations programs
  • Management consultation
  • Ongoing regionalized field and sales support
  • AlphaGraphics Learning Zone™ Web-based Training
  • On-Site Mentor Training
  • New Franchise Training Program
  • Continuing research and development   

Franchisor Support 

Initial Support
Each new Franchisee (regardless of how they enter the brand, i.e. New, Transfer, and Acquisition/Conversion) is immediately provided support through a specialized New Franchisee On-Boarding Team.  This team is made up of specialists on quickly ramping up a new Franchisee to breakeven and beyond.  Each specialist is typically supporting no more than six new Franchisees at a time.

On-Going Support
AlphaGraphics has the best support ratio in our industry. Utilizing our “Operating Partner” support model typically puts no more than 20 centers under the direction of each Operating Partner.  These OP’s are skilled in every aspect of operations, sales, marketing, technology, HR, and Finance.  We also have specialists on the team who assist with Real Estate and Financial Analysis.

Other Education
Constant educational webinars, on-line training via our Intranet, Regional meetings, and our annual International Conference add to the educational resources available to all owners. 

Other Support
AlphaGraphics provide our Franchisees access to highly discount pricing models on equipment, supplies, and other services utilized in the operation of an AlphaGraphics Business Center.  Our AGAlliance Program provides acquisition services to our owners. We also offer internal support on hiring staff through our Recruiting Partnership Program. 

Top Selling Points

  • B2B model allowing for regular business hours (M-F 8-5:30)
  • CEO type model – work with other professionals within the market
  • Local Community Involvement
  • 90%+ repeatability w/clients
  • No Seasonality
  • High average transaction - $400+
  • Diverse client mix
  • Every business already utilizes our products and services, no cold calling
  • Multiple revenue streams to build a recession resistant business
  • Large variety of work.  No two projects the same – customized solutions
  • 70+% gross margins
  • Large, protected territories giving you plenty of growth potential
  • Hub/Spoke expansion model using the AGStudio sales office
  • 43 years of proven successful business system
  • Marketing, training and support as you build your franchise
  • AlphaGraphics has more owners (17) in the Top 100 largest Quick Print facilities according to Quick Print Magazine than ALL the other franchised brands combined in our industry!

Recession Resistant

AlphaGraphics has continued to grow year after year and has been through four recessions since its inception in 1970. Regardless of the economy, businesses need to continue to advertise and perhaps brand their name more than ever to let folks know their services are still available and their brand is still valid. The expansion of our business model to encompass digital products allows AlphaGraphics to save on traditional resources such as ink and paper. 



Opportunity for Veterans:AlphaGraphics has been a leader in print and visual communications for more than 43 years. We set the standard for solutions in printing, marketing communications and document creation and management.




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