Merle Norman Cosmetics
Opportunity for Veterans: We are eager to partner with first-time as well as experienced entrepreneurs who have a passion for business and our one of a kind beauty products.

Minimum Liquid Capital: $50,000




Become your own boss, doing work you love



Merle Norman is an American success story. For nearly a century, our studios have been an attractive business to own. Merle Norman was ahead of her time – a pioneer in cosmetics and franchising who believed in creating authentic products that work. She also empowered women through business ownership, and today we are thriving with her original passion, vision, and tenacity. Our product quality, integrity, and legacy are unparalleled. Extended by Merle Norman herself since 1931 to entrepreneurs, our franchise opportunity gives franchisees personal and professional fulfillment as Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio owners.




Empowering Women Through Business Ownership

Merle Norman believed in empowering women through business ownership to achieve their dreams and realize their full potential. When you become a Studio owner, you carry on Merle Norman’s original vision. Help women look and feel better about themselves every single day. Our Owners pride themselves on the art of the one-on-one consultation. Providing superior service, building a strong relationship, and connecting with the customer is what our brand is known for.


Be Your Own Boss

Flexibility. Fun. Financial freedom. Being your own boss has its advantages! Maybe you’re struggling to find the perfect work-life balance between raising a family while maintaining a rewarding career. Many women have found that owning a Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio enables them to govern their own life, allowing them the opportunity to work hard and still make themselves available for their family’s needs. Whatever your personal or financial goal, we'd like to help you reach it.


A Rewarding Business

The financial rewards can be beautiful too! Even when times are tough, the cosmetic industry remains stable. Research shows that women spend over $426 billion dollars a year on beauty products and enjoy the mood-boosting benefits of buying something as simple as a new tube of lipstick, one of life’s affordable pleasures.


E-Commerce Program

Merle Norman facilitates all online sales from their corporate office and funnels the sales and information to its partner franchisees. Unlike other franchisors who also sell direct online, Merle Norman embraces the importance of brick and mortar and values the personal touch and service of the franchisee. Contact your Franchise Sales Rep for details.


Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio Franchises

Merle Norman franchises continue to be poised for growth into the future after nearly a century. Owning one of our cosmetic franchise studios is as attractive as our customers who use our cosmetics. We offer an affordable start-up cost and products that cannot be found in any other brick and mortar beauty shop, department store or online. It is an empire that Merle Norman began in the kitchen of her California home in the 1920s, and today, the cosmetics and product standards she created are still highly respected across generations.

Our development campaign will grow the brand by hundreds of franchise units in coming years. We’re actively seeking business-minded women and men alike with a passion for beautification and desiring a flexible career, to bring the cosmetics studios to new markets.



An iconic cosmetics studio that you can own

Becoming a Merle Norman franchisee means owning and operating a modern cosmetics studio with products from an iconic brand. Merle Norman is the only cosmetics brand a woman can be part of the business owner. Whether your studio is in a busy shopping center or a stand-alone in a small town, the business is easy to run and easy to scale. In addition to the affordability and flexibility of being a franchise owner, we assist you with best business practices, training, and marketing.

Retail or cosmetics experience is not necessary to be a Merle Norman franchisee. We will train you in every area to be an expert beauty consultant and business owner. With our comprehensive artistry training program, it’s easy to learn how to apply our products like a pro. While our studios are offering time-tested products, we have modernized them to evolve to the desires and demands of today’s customer. You’ll also learn valuable skills to ensure that your customers are satisfied with your service and expertise.




The initial investment to begin a Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio ranges from $34,803 – $186,500, depending on the floor plan and site where you choose to locate. We’re a unique cosmetic franchise offering and since we do not charge an initial franchise fee or ongoing royalty, which gives potential to increase your income as an owner.

We are eager to partner with first-time as well as experienced entrepreneurs who have a passion for business and our one of a kind beauty products.

Merle Norman Cosmetics
Opportunity for Veterans: We are eager to partner with first-time as well as experienced entrepreneurs who have a passion for business and our one of a kind beauty products.

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