Roast Beast
Opportunity for Veterans: Join Roast Beast and you'll soon be providing delicious sandwiches to the hungry folks in your hometown, and may be on your way to a future bigger & better than you imagined! Veteran-owned, we give Vets 50% off the Franchise Fee!

Minimum Liquid Capital: $50,000


Roast Beast has been making the most amazing roast beef, turkey, and chicken breast sandwiches this side of paradise since 2011. We are now thrilled to offer the Roast Beast Franchise Program in answer to the question we get asked every day: “When will you be in my area??”

We have a laid-back vibe, a relaxed atmosphere, and a supporting team that is focused on having fun, while doing big things and doing them well. We have created a cool, casual brand that people stay loyal to because we reflect their priorities and values – and we are looking for franchises owners who appreciate this, and share our same attitude and dedication.

Picture yourself as an independent business owner, serving some of the most delicious offerings imaginable to the happiest guests, as you build yourself an exciting future! 



The Roast Beast concept was born out of a vision to develop a great business concept that was easy to operate, and massively appealing to guests. The resulting sandwiches were so delicious and the concept was so crowd-pleasing, that word-of-mouth took over and little advertising was necessary.

Today, with a founding team that brings an entrepreneurial spirit, plus ample experience in both restaurant operations and franchising, Roast Beast is growing in popularity and scope, and is an opportunity ready for prime time! 



The Roast Beast franchise opportunity comes at a great time for the right people! Restaurant sales are growing – up 18% in the past few years. And sales are expected to rise even faster in coming years. Experts tell us that the sandwich niche will always be a leader in the industry. In fact, a recent National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey shows that America’s love affair with sandwiches is hotter than ever. Reports show that on any given day, half of all Americans eat a sandwich.  



As a Roast Beast franchise owner, you will benefit from the knowledge and experience our team has gained over the years. From initial site selection to Grand Opening Day and beyond, we will be there for you to ensure that your business is headed in the right direction.

  • Start Up Assistance: We will guide you with site selection, lease negotiations, and restaurant build-out for your first Roast Beast location. You will receive detailed specs for interior color scheme, signage, and a list of fully approved suppliers of restaurant equipment and furnishings for immediate delivery. And we will also assist you in hiring your first staff and in placing your initial inventory.
  • Complete Training: You will attend an initial training program at our headquarters facility, taught by our team of experts. We will teach you what you need to know about operations management, policies and procedures, and human resources through classroom instruction as well as hands-on instruction in best food prep practices in both our test kitchen and in your own location. 
  • Operations Manual: We will provide a comprehensive Roast Beast Operations Manual that covers all the details of running a Roast Beast location. You’ll find custom job descriptions, food handling and preparation procedures, as well as perishable inventory management, cost control and labor scheduling techniques.
  • Specialized Equipment and Technology: You will take advantage of the Roast Beast-approved POS system that will handle sales, scheduling, inventory and HR data, and automatically track all functions to make critical daily reports available to you.
  • Marketing Assistance: As a franchise owner, you will become part of our established brand, benefitting from the use of our trade name and logo – creating almost instant credibility and visibility throughout your community. Start-up assistance will include help with an initial local advertising campaign as well as in-store Grand Opening specials to draw your first guests through the door. 
  • Ongoing Support: You will receive periodic updates from our team, remote and on-demand assistance, and other ongoing support functions. In addition, our team will schedule refresher training programs and business planning meetings to ensure you and your staff are up-to-date with the most current food service guidelines, requirements, and other critical business topics applicable to the restaurant industry. 



Our franchise program has been developed in response to an incredible level of interest from the public, and our desire to bring the Roast Beast experience to cities and communities everywhere. 

At Roast Beast, no prior experience in food service or restaurant management is strictly required, but if you can demonstrate that you have the capital, people skills, and an appetite for serving the public with a top quality product, then it’s time to explore the next steps toward becoming part of the Roast Beast franchise team.

Don’t wait. Fill out the form to the right and we will be in touch. You could soon be on your way to providing delicious, hot sandwiches to the hungry folks in your hometown – and quite possibly on your way to a future that’s bigger and better than you ever imagined!


The projected initial investment range for a single start-up location ranges between about $115,900 to $350,100; this investment amount includes an initial franchise fee of $35,000.

Roast Beast
Opportunity for Veterans: Join Roast Beast and you'll soon be providing delicious sandwiches to the hungry folks in your hometown, and may be on your way to a future bigger & better than you imagined! Veteran-owned, we give Vets 50% off the Franchise Fee!

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