Classic Rock Coffee
Opportunity for Veterans: Live like a rock star - own a Classic Rock Coffee Shop franchise in this exciting, multi-million dollar industry. Veterans receive reduced royalty of 3% for the first 6 months, and then a lifetime cap on royalties after that.

Minimum Liquid Capital: $50,000

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A Rockin' Franchise Opportunity

Awarded the 2015 Coffee House of the Year Ranking by
417 Magazine

Do you want to own your own business in the most exciting and fast paced industry in the United States?


Classic Rock Coffee is known as the perfect blend of caffeine, classic rock music and cool. It provides its own leading brands of fabulous coffee such as Atomic Punk Espresso, Back in Black Bold, After Midnight and Breakfast in America Morning Brew. In addition, it makes delicious, nutritious high end protein shakes, fresh fruit smoothies and a convenient food menu.

Classic Rock Coffee is headquartered in Springfield, Missouri and has been in business since 2011. The company was started as a single storefront to provide a working model that would serve as the headquarters for franchise expansion. No one needs another boring coffee house … but they do need one that rocks!

It was created from a love of coffee and a love of great classic rock music - Zeppelin, The Who, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, CCR, Elvis, AC/DC, ZZ Top, Fleetwood Mac - and many other renowned bands.

Since coffee is a stimulant, the company thought it made sense to create a concept that is an alternative to the laid-back, read-a-book and take-a-nap type of coffee shop. Its tagline says it all: “Our Coffee Rocks!”

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Classic Rock Coffee is not only offered in every state in the US, but has also become a preferred brand internationally. In just the first two years, CRCC has expanded into Europe, The Middle East and Africa. No matter where a person lives in the world, they can always the best rated coffees sourced from all over the globe. Franchisees in the US love knowing they are part of a worldwide team expanding a fresh brand in every country.

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Step through the doors of a Classic Rock Coffee shop and you’ll know it's not like any other you’ve ever been in. Unlike typical laid-back coffee stores, it's a rock n roll infused, specialty coffee, java joint. Classic rock music plays through an incredible sound system; espresso based drinks are crafted right in front of you; guitars, albums and memorabilia are everywhere; and there's comfy seating too! You can get your drink to go, or sit down, relax and get “comfortably numb”.

The concept is truly unique, innovative and fun. Not only do customers drive across town to see what we are about, but potential employees seek us out because they recognize our methods, standards and procedures are at the top of the industry.

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CRCC provides leadership and fully trained staff to every franchisee. From providing a world class real estate team to get the very best locations, to fully designing stores, providing qualified GC’s, training at our HQ and training on site, CRCC is committed to the success of each investor. And after a store is open, every location receives weekly, hands on operational, business development and marketing mentorship.

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An average store, including franchise fees, runs around $250,000 for a single unit with a drive through. For those who love the concept but want to have a smaller investment, the CRCC Touring Trailer is the perfect match. We call it the “100k Franchise” … because you get a fully operational store, including the franchise fee all for exactly $100,00. Both models are included with the franchise territory, so an investor can use either or both. Its up to you …

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CRCC is proud to offer an unprecedented benefit to our brave soldiers. All Veterans are provided a reduced royalty for the first 6 months of operation, as well as a lifetime cap on monthly royalties. While other franchises may offer a one time reduced franchise fee, CRCC has found a way for our Veterans to retain more reward for their hard work. Think of it as a the “no tax” benefit that was provided at the PX/Commissary.

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  • You are either not $50k liquid or do not have at least a $400k net worth. We are not trying to be pompous; we just want our owners to have the right financial backing.
  • You would like relax in a coffee house from this day forward. Is it cool to own one? Yes. Will people talk about you in your city? Probably. Is it automated? Nope. It takes work and commitment.
  • You are interested in modifying the concept.
  • You already have real estate and are just trying to fill it. We aren’t saying its not possibly to use the space, but the decision on locations is determined by our customer data modeling.
  • If you are considering opening a business, you need to be honest with yourself. Would you rather wake up every day to make sandwiches or pull a yogurt lever, or would you rather be with cool people, listen to amazing music and be free like a rock star on your very own stage (oh, and make money too!)?

Contact us today to find out more about starting your own Classic Rock Coffee.

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Classic Rock Coffee
Opportunity for Veterans: Live like a rock star - own a Classic Rock Coffee Shop franchise in this exciting, multi-million dollar industry. Veterans receive reduced royalty of 3% for the first 6 months, and then a lifetime cap on royalties after that.

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