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WLF Holdings, LLC/ Auto-Lab Announces Franchise Expansion throughout State of Illinois and City of Milwaukee

Today, WLF Holdings, LLC/ Auto-Lab Franchising, LLC (DBA AUTO-LAB COMPLETE CAR CARE CENTERS) announced immediate expansion throughout the State of Illinois and the City of Milwaukee.  Wanda and Larry Fullmer, who have purchased the rights to become the Area Developers, are seeking Franchisees and interested parties to participate in this rapid growth opportunity that will benefit residents and businesses in these locations.  Auto-Lab Franchising, LLC, is committed to creating jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities throughout the State of Illinois where there is a strong need for job creation, economic empowerment of communities and population stabilization.  Auto-Lab Illinois is highly focused on customer satisfaction, high quality repairs, workforce training and development and on attracting entrepreneurs whom want to franchise in a recession proof industry.

"The State of Illinois is prime for our expansion model as we are targeting communities that are in need of economic empowerment, job creation and where there is a great need for quality car repair work as people are statistically holding on to their cars for longer periods of time; the average age of cars in some key cities can exceed 11 years," said Larry Fullmer, Owner at WLF Holdings, LLC/ Auto-Lab.

Mayors in key cities in Illinois have expressed great interest Auto-Lab Complete Car Care Centers franchises which have had great success of the brand in the City of Kankakee and across the country. 

"We are committed to creating the ultimate franchising opportunity," said Wanda Lewis-Fullmer, Owner of WLF Holdings, LLC, Quoting USA Today, February 11th, 2020 issue: "Black entrepreneurs have thrived in franchising for years and are choosing this route over founding traditional small businesses at a faster rate than the broader population. Government data show a substantial jump in the number of black-owned businesses from 2007 to 2012, from 1.9 million to 2.6 million. Statistics also show that 30.8% of franchise businesses were owned by minorities, while non-franchised businesses have nearly 19% minority ownership." "We can help build wealth throughout all communities by offering franchises to Women, Minorities and to our Nation's Veterans we can tie Supplier Diversity to Economic Opportunity.  We also can measure the number of jobs created through the franchises while building generational wealth.  Mechanics will be trained to manage the Auto-Lab shops in hopes that they will be in succession and also open their own shops."  

Wanda Lewis-Fullmer and Larry Fullmer owners of WLF Holdings, LLC/ Auto-Lab have been identified as Area Developers and as key partners in the growth strategy of Auto-Lab Franchising, LLC stores in the State of Illinois as well as the City of Milwaukee.  Auto-Lab Complete Car Care Centers is a high-quality automobile service providing quality analytics, repair and maintenance.  Auto-Lab provides an unprecedented, 24,000-mile/24-month warranty on both parts and labor; separating Auto-Lab from the competition.

"Auto-Lab Franchising, LLC, is very exciting about the growth opportunity in the state of Illinois and well as the city of Milwaukee, WI," said Stephen Wilson, the CEO of Auto-Lab. "We see this as a mission to provide high quality jobs, as well as ownership potential, for hundreds of individuals who otherwise might not have been afforded such a chance. Partnering with Wanda and Larry Fullmer just made sense as our synergies will ensure marked progress and growth."

Auto-Lab has and will continue to hire from within the community in which it is operating. Our partnership with the community is to create not only jobs, but a commitment to groom trained, high quality employees able to move into higher skilled positions within the automotive industry and without. Also, to potentially open and successfully operate an Auto-Lab franchise store of their own.

The model of Auto-Lab Complete Car Care Centers will be the formula for our success. Each franchise location will prove to provide both great return on investment and quantifiable and measurable community goodwill and economic empowerment.

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