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Taking the Reins: Horse Power Brands rides continued expansion

Franchise system disruptor relocates corporate headquarters to meet infrastructure and talent scaling

Horse Power Brands, an owner and operator of a growing portfolio of service-based franchise systems, relocated its corporate headquarters to an expansive, 40,000 sq. ft., three-story building in the heart of Omaha's central business district. This move now gives Horse Power Brands more than 100,000 total sq. ft. of office, franchise development and warehousing space across its three current facilities.

"People are joining Horse Power Brands in record numbers to be a part of this unique, entrepreneurial culture thriving on excellence as we build a portfolio of legacy brands. With this new office and investment in our infrastructural growth, we are also investing in the intellectual capital that continues to drive results for our franchisees helping them achieve profitability as soon as humanly possible." - Josh Skolnick, Chairman and Co-Founder of Horse Power Brands.

Over 85% of Horse Power Brands growing population of employees currently work in the new office and with many of its remote and hybrid employees frequently visiting, the company needed the additional space to more efficiently collaborate and develop the next generation of home service franchise brands. This office expansion creates an opportunity to bring a large volume of jobs to the local Omaha economy and the company in the next twelve months.

"The new corporate facilities are just one step in preparation for our next leap of growth which will allow us to scale another five to ten franchise brands in next twenty-four months. It's really fun to look at all the jobs and opportunities we are creating and so it's not all about strengthening our balance sheets or the bottom line at Horse Power Brands, it's more about finding the ways we can perform better and what we can do as a team to make our franchisees experiences better in terms of ROI and their time." - Zach Beutler, Co-Founder of Horse Power Brands.

About Horse Power Brands  

Horse Power Brands is a portfolio company comprised of service-based franchisors and franchise brands delivering first class customer service and experiences. Founded in 2019 by franchise veterans Josh Skolnick and Zach Beutler, the team was determined to disrupt the franchise industry to responsibly grow and support franchisees through a platform that focused on operational excellence and accountability. For more information on Horse Power Brands and their various franchise opportunities, visit  

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