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Horse Power Brands Saddles Up for its 200th Territory in 14 Months

Omaha-based Disruptor Expands Franchise Territories in Record Time  

Horse Power Brands, an owner and operator of a growing portfolio of service-based franchise systems, has recently awarded its 200th Franchise Territory.

In efforts to increase scale, market penetration and brand success, Horse Power Brands continues to diligently award Franchise territories at an expedient pace which allows its franchisees to open and operate quickly and profitably.

"This milestone is a result and culmination of decades of experience with both franchisees and as franchisors. We know what the avatar of a good franchisee is today. People who seek and are in partnership with Horse Power Brands, understand this is an awards process not a sales process. We have 360-degree view on development, validation and what franchisees need to be profitable. We understand what territorial success means" says Josh Skolnick, Founder and Chairman of Horse Power Brands.

While Horse Power Brands is less than 18 months old, the investments made in intellectual capital, corporate infrastructure and the franchisee territorial selection process has allowed the company to differentiate from its competitors and award territories at a pace that would normally take 3-4 years to achieve in almost half the time.  

Horsepower Brands is a portfolio company comprised of service-based franchisors and franchise brands delivering first class customer service and experiences. Founded in 2019 by franchise veterans Josh Skolnick and Zach Beutler, the team was determined to disrupt the franchise industry to responsibly grow and support franchisees through a platform that focused on operational excellence and accountability. For more information on Horse Power Brands and their various franchise opportunities, visit

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