Opportunity for Veterans: *Note our NEW “Right Fit Guarantee” - We offer to refund 100% of the Franchise Investment if – after 12 months – the Franchisee would like to exit the business for any reason (No If’s, And’s or But’s).*

Minimum Liquid Capital: $100,000

1-800-WATER DAMAGE™ is a low overhead, recession proof, and simple to operate restoration franchise with a focus on the high margin segments of water damage and mold. When water damage occurs, we use modern technology and equipment to dry customers' homes or businesses in just a matter of days. The majority of jobs we perform are emergency service and most often are paid for by the insurance industry. Insurance companies prefer to professionally dry out a water damage related mess and avoid future mold mitigation, then to deal with expensive rip out or a job poorly done. And, when water/moisture isn't dealt with in a timely manner, then we do mold remediation to save the day.

When Do People Call 1-800-WATER DAMAGE?

1-800-WATER DAMAGE is the number to call whenever a house, apartment complex, condo, hotel or office building has any type of wet mess. All sorts of every day problems create a water damage emergency—frozen or broken pipes spew water everywhere; washer or dish washer pumps water to the wrong place; water heater breaks; water supply lines to refrigerator or other appliances fail; toilet overflows; septic tank back fills; ceiling sprinkler system activates; water floods in from an outside source; and countless other incidents where the number to call is 1-800-WATER DAMAGE. In fact, a huge proportion of insurance claims involve water damage!

Ideal Candidate

Previous industry related experience is not required. Our best franchise partners come from a variety of diverse backgrounds. Franchise partners receive personalized training and hands-on experience in each skill area of their business--marketing, administration, and technical. Our operations manual, active coaching programs, and growing database archive of support webinars on various topics keep you on track and focused.

Why Choose 1-800-WATER-DAMAGE?

  • Sustainable business with insurance companies paying the majority of our invoices
  • Name easy to recall and nationally recognized with branded number and web site
  • B2B sales and marketing with recurring revenue channels—contractors, insurance professionals, and property managers
  • Build equity fast with exclusive territory and a high percentage of recurring revenue
  • Scalable opportunity with initial franchise territories for one or two van set-ups
  • Low total initial investment with home-based owner operator option
  • Get started with 1-2 employees
  • Achieve breakeven fast with high gross margin, low fixed overhead, and median job revenue of $3,011
  • Franchising since 2002 with more than 65 franchises in 22 states
  • Franchise Fee $40K, Cash Liquidity $100K, Net Worth $200,000
  • Initial Investment Low $100K and High $160K

Support and Financing

What Type of Support is Provided?

  • Initial 10 days of training consisting of technical, admin operations, management systems, methods of operations, and marketing.
  • Detailed operations manual.
  • Back Office Support Center.
  • Webinars and online training tools.
  • Technical support.

What Type of Financing is Available?

We can refer candidates to lending sources and leasing programs. We are also on the qualified Small Business Association (SBA) Franchise Registry. This allows candidates expedited loan processing when applying for SBA financial assistance from approved SBA lenders.

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Opportunity for Veterans: *Note our NEW “Right Fit Guarantee” - We offer to refund 100% of the Franchise Investment if – after 12 months – the Franchisee would like to exit the business for any reason (No If’s, And’s or But’s).*

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