Mooyah Burgers, Fries & Shakes
Opportunity for Veterans: MOOYAH is one of the hottest & fastest-growing "better burger" franchise opportunities in the world. Veterans get a $10,000 discount off the franchise fee.

Minimum Liquid Capital: $200,000


  • Must have $200,000 liquid capital
  • Must have $500,000 net worth
  • The cost to open a MOOYAH is $383,350 - $598,300
  • By filling out the Request Info form on the right, you are asking a MOOYAH representative to contact you about a franchise opportunity



MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes is one of the hottest and fastest-growing "better burger" franchise opportunities in the world. We are keepers of the great American meal, masters of the burger, owners of the French fry and crafters of the shake. 

Through our team of experienced multi-unit/multi-brand franchisees, we are positioned for extensive market share of the $72 billion fast-casual better burger segment.  In fact, we soared over the 80-unit mark, with our eyes set on reaching the 100-store milestone by the end of 2015. With the richness of the better burger category and the increased awareness, awards and success of our existing owners, prime MOOYAH territories are going quickly.

The MOOYAH executive and management team have created and continually refined the MOOYAH business model with an obsessive focus on quality, consistency and the utmost Guest experience. This is important to note, as you will be able to leverage our experienced management team to help you meet your development and business goals.



MOOYAH customers keep coming back 

The brand strives to give Guests the "wow" factor every time for a consistently great dining experience.


Franchisee Support

Our first-class and in-restaurant support team focus on driving sales through a strong use of technology and hands-on active support, including:

  • Interactive management training
  • Comprehensive & turnkey marketing solutions
  • Intensive real estate selection assistance
  • Project management
  • Coordination during countdown to opening
  • Nationwide distribution channels



Market Growth Opportunity 

You know the value of having multiple restaurants surrounding other restaurants. It enhances branding. Advertising reach and ROI, and the value to the Guest. To help support the growth of our brand, we are looking for three types of growth opportunities:

  1. Multi-Unit Operator with Vision to Scale Business:
    Either way, you know how to develop restaurants and maintain a steady development schedule. By scaling to multiple units in a DMA, you can experience the value of the brand quicker.
  2. Single Unit Operator with Vision to Scale Business:
    Every great business owner has to start somewhere. We want growth-minded individuals who see the long-term potential of investing in our brand.
  3. International Development: 
    The world loves burgers. Throughout 2014, the international growth became a puzzle piece in our strategy – and it worked.



$383,350 to $598,300 (includes build-out expenses and certain start-up expenses - part of this investment is the initial franchise fee, which is $35,000). Veterans receive a $10,000 franchise fee discount per unit purchased.


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Opportunity for Veterans: MOOYAH is one of the hottest & fastest-growing "better burger" franchise opportunities in the world. Veterans get a $10,000 discount off the franchise fee.

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